WOW-EFFECT Theater will perform at Het Schort Kort Theaterfestival 2017


WOW-EFFECT Theater performs at Het Schort Kort Theaterfestival

November 10 @ 8:00 am – November 11 @ 5:00 pm

A new theater festival in De Lindenberg Nijmegen.

Het Schort Kort Theaterfestival will show four short performances between 20 and 30 minutes each, created by four different theater groups. The festival will take place on Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th of November 2017 in De Lindenberg.

WOW-EFFECT Theater will present a play written by Tanya de Kruijff and performed by Tanya de Kruijff, Tjitse Wolf and Haoyu Yang

The other performances will be held in Dutch.

Theatergoep MAF (Middle Age Foundation)
MAF has been performing for many years in constantly shifting cast constellations. Actors work together and direct themselves or others.
Director: Mariëlle Griep

Theatergroep MIES
The theater company MIES has been providing students with opportunities to try out the stage under the supervision of experienced directors for nine years now.
Director: Pieter van Terheijden

Het Schort
Theater maker Jobert Franken creates under the name Het Schort both short and long plays. One of the key features of his performances are their humour and absurdity.
Director: Jobert Franken