Ready to go down the rabbit hole?

Before summer arrives in town, WOW-EFFECT Theater will steal a dark night of yours and will wrap it up to the colors of a trip. Be sure to reserve your seats in time for this unforgettable journey.

Alice vs. Wonderland

Alice, a typical modern teenager, trades places with Mary-Ann, the Wonderland version of herself. Now Alice must travel through a fantastical, psychedelic dreamscape, challenged by Carroll’s canonical characters every step of the way. Transforming every time she eats or drinks, Alice is played by six different actresses, each evoking a different aspect of adolescence.

ALICE VS. WONDERLAND is a fast-paced, whimsical and at the same time frightening adaption of the classical tale, remixing the original tones and accents of the story into a new, modern experience.

Save the date: 20 May!

WOW-EFFECT Theater’s performance of Brendan Shea’s psychedelic remix of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland will be the Dutch premiere of the play. It will take place in one of the greatest stages of Nijmegen, Lindenbergzaal, on 20 May at 8pm. You can reserve your tickets at Lindenberg’s event page.