WOW-EFFECT gets a “COVID-proof” logo

WE logo film strip 2021As we enter a brand new year, we also welcome a new transformed logo to signify the transformation in our activities. We will use this logo throughout 2021 to show that we have adapted to the current times and we are committed to keeping our community alive, in every sense of the word!

How do WE adapt?

As soon as COVID-19 received the pandemic status, we decided to postpone our previous project, 2040, and we started working on monologues. This allowed us to rehearse online or only in groups of 2-4. Then, because it became impossible to perform to a live audience, we decided to make video recordings. Filmmaking was a new challenge for us but we had a lot of fun and we were so happy that we could still keep a theatrical flavor by filming our monologues in a theater hall. We will release these on our YouTube channel in a few weeks.

We also fully acknowledge that COVID-19 will not disappear overnight and we need to play our part to keep it under control. We understand, although a vaccine availability for some is around the corner, informing the public about the importance of vaccination, distributing it not only in the Netherlands but also throughout the world, and reaching a state allowing measures to be relaxed will take time.

stage and camera

That is why we are now committing to another year of filmed projects, and making our logo “COVID-proof” in the process by adding a filmstrip around it! We already kicked off with Human.V.oid, and we hope our new members will feel at home working on this project in no time!

COVID – An impossible situation?

The pandemic has been undeniably hard on the performance arts and events sector. In the past weeks many event organizers, venues and individuals in the Netherlands rang the alarm bells with “The Show Must Go On” action. As WOW-EFFECT’ers our hearts and sympathies go out to those who make their living within these sectors. Luckily, the government decided to extend the financial support package, even though no test events can be considered at least until the lockdown ends.

Even as an amateur community, we have faced challenges with the uncertainty around live performances, lost investments, leaving members… Since we cannot sell tickets to live performances we will rely on our own contributions, an amateur art subsidy, as well as on donations.

Be our hero

So, if you would like to support us and help us keep our community alive, please make a donation below. Any amount, big or small, helps us get to our target (425 per project). If you also leave us your contact details, we will include you to a lottery with very nice giveaways including CD’s and totebags! 🙂 THANK YOU <3


Finally, happy and a very healthy 2021 to you all!