Vacancy – Director WOW-EFFECT Theater Season 2023-2024

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Hi there! Are you a director (in the making) who is looking for more experience? Our amateur community may just be the right place for you. Please read on if you are intrigued.

Directing in our group is both an enriching and a challenging experience. Luckily, you will have some of our golden oldies helping you find your way.



We are the international amateur theater community of Nijmegen. We are also a non-profit association. Since 2014, we produced a variety of original plays and adaptations in and around Nijmegen. Our group is diverse regarding ages, occupations, cultural backgrounds, experience levels, expectations… There is one thing that unites us though: a passion for theater.

We worked with several different directors over the years. Some had many years of experience, some had none. We also had coaching and workshops from professionals.

Last season, we worked with Jente Taborsky, who was a 4th year Theatre in Education student at ArtEZ, and we loved it! Working with us was Jente’s debut as a director and we are so proud to have contributed to her growth, preparing her for the next steps ahead. Now, we are looking for someone who can fill her shoes.

Our ideal director candidate:

  • Has good English language skills.
  • Has previous experience and / or education in theater directing.
  • Has affinity with community theater and multicultural groups.
  • Can bring a good balance between structure and flexibility.
  • Is well organized, a good communicator and a team player.
  • Is open to reserve time for our production out of the regular rehearsal hours.

What we expect from you:

  • Implement a schedule and milestones for the season (from October till June when we perform) in consultation with the rest of the production team. In addition to regular rehearsals on Thursdays between 20:30 and 22:30 at Burghardt community centre, we organize a few, day-long, weekend rehearsals that you would include in your schedule.
  • Cast based on people who (already) joined the team.
  • Include warm-up / exercises / improvisation games in your rehearsals to aid team building and specific skill development.
  • Provide a vision to our backstage teams to unite different creative inputs. This may mean attending / leading some backstage team meetings.

What we offer:

  • This is a volunteer position. We can provide a small compensation i.e. for travel costs.
  • We love experimenting and learning together. So, if you want to improve your skills in this setup, great!
  • We have other volunteers in the production team with several years of experience, which also provides a nice opportunity for collaboration.
  • Also depending on your preferences, your experience with us would not end with one production. Apart from direct opportunities as part of our productions, you can get in touch with many more interesting and creative people via our community in the extended sense (alumni, collaborators, volunteers).

What you can expect from this season’s production:

  • We want our new director to have a say in our play choice so our ideas are not final. We are open to working with a play you bring, or together select a script.
  • Generally speaking, we look for projects with social / societal impact and try to keep the topics “current”.
  • We already have 2-3 play options written or adapted by our own members, which provide flexibility in edits along the season, based on your suggestions and the cast.
  • Our current plan is to perform 2 days in June 2024, at Lindenberg’s Steigerzaal.
  • We are already kicking off the season with our annual acting and backstage workshops. This is also the time when recruit new members. We welcome everyone in, without any criteria and we strive to find everyone a role on or off stage, depending on their skills and preferences. Having this said, casting decisions from this group will be up to you.

Next steps:

Interested? Please send your CV / portfolio together with a few words on why you are interested and why you think we should welcome you to as soon as possible. We will consider applications on a rolling basis. Please also feel free to use the same address for any questions.

If we think we may be a good match, we will invite you to a rehearsal so we can get to know each other.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Flyer download:

director vacancy flyer