Meet the Team

Team 2018 2019

Photo from Open Rehearsal 2019,
by Jurjen Bersee.

Meet the team of WOW-EFFECT Theater – a group of international theatre fans with different levels of experience. On this page we will introduce you to our team for the season 2020-2021. We hope to see all of them again in the next season!

We have vastly different backgrounds and experience levels when it comes to acting, writing, directing and production, but each member contributes something vital. We all work on our projects as a team and we all are way more than just theatre colleagues – we are dear friends to each other.

Coco Clements
Coco ClementsWriter and Designer
“LET’S SIT CROOKED AND TALK STRAIGHT.” Identifies as both a pilgrim soul and a Couch Potato. Casual Idolator of all that which is pretty, but will sometimes love ugly even more. Self-taught film, tv and Shakespeare enthusiast. Two-hander with a stress-induced creative streak when called upon in times of procrastination. Will eat ice cream for money, and binge-watch kdrama full time for free.
Sarah Fünke
Sarah FünkeMaster of None
Just a regular girl trying to make her dream come true: Becoming a Disney villain. If everything fails she’d settle with being a crazy pug lady.

Kinder sind kein Ersatz für Hunde.

Devansh Gupta
Devansh GuptaKing of Multimedia
Devansh thinks of himself as a storyteller, but often fails to communicate his own ideas. Loves being dramatic, but runs away from conflicts. He likes to quietly observe the world and the people around him, but also wants to be centre of attention. Maybe, one day, he will reconcile these ironies. Or maybe he won’t!
Tulya Kavaklıoğlu
Tulya KavaklıoğluFounder, Producer
Not as nearly equipped as most other human beings she knows, but she always aims high. Yeah! Gets easily distracted. Girls just wanna have fun.
Steven Morgan
Steven MorganActor
Steven was born and raised in the UK, and after a few years in Australia has been living in Nijmegen since 2018. He teaches improv, but his scripted acting experience is limited to overacting in a number of music videos, student movies and one mockumentary feature-length. He dreams of one day playing the lead in the worst film of all time, to really show off what he is capable of.
Tugba Oksuz
Tugba OksuzActor
Ooopps she did it again! Back on the stage! She loves to tell her stories. She has a lot after living in 6 cities and crossing 4 countries so far. She thinks “Change is a spice of life!”… Now it is time for wow effect, let her act…
Piyush Sharma
Piyush SharmaEngineer in Arts
Calculative, tolerant and perhaps empathetic. He loves Cricket, still dreams of playing at the highest level. He always needs music and makes sure that people around him listen to it too. He wants to do many things but he is good friends with laziness. A serene individual, he’s our perfect “Boy next door”.
Alex Terziev
Alex TerzievActor
An awesome member of the WE team.
Céline Thomas
Céline ThomasActor, Producer
Loves loosing herself in books and being sad she can’t be friends with all the crazy characters… But theatre has given her a worthy supplement. She could use a well-known quote to describe herself, if only unicorns weren’t so mane-stream… At least her picture’s not on toilet paper. All hail the fandom!
Tjitse Wolf
Tjitse WolfEx-actor and Director
A junky for both useless facts and music, Tjitse is keen to keep his creative development going. Has no idea where life is taking him, but finds means to express it in artsy-fartsy ways. Sums up life with the “‽” (Interrobang).