Meet the Team

Team 2018 2019

Photo from Open Rehearsal 2019, by Jurjen Bersee.

Meet the team of WOW-EFFECT Theater – a group of international theatre fans with different levels of experience.
On this page we will introduce you to our team for the season 2019-2020. We hope to see all of them again in the next season!

We have vastly different backgrounds and experience levels when it comes to acting, writing, directing and production, but each member contributes something vital. We all work on our projects as a team and we all are way more than just theatre colleagues – we are dear friends to each other.

Coco Clements
Coco ClementsWriter and designer
“LET’S SIT CROOKED AND TALK STRAIGHT.” Identifies as both a pilgrim soul and a Couch Potato. Casual Idolator of all that which is pretty, but will sometimes love ugly even more. Self-taught film, tv and Shakespeare enthusiast. Two-hander with a stress-induced creative streak when called upon in times of procrastination. Will eat ice cream for money, and binge-watch kdrama full time for free.
Melissa Craggs
Melissa CraggsActor, Australian Bibliophile, Extreme sports enthusiast, Documentary watcher, World wanderer, Nature lover, Nerd.
Melissa spends her days with her head in the clouds and her nose in the news. She loves to explore all aspects of the world and life, from science, to the mystical and all things in between. Acting is another form her exploration takes – exploration of humanity and emotions.
Thomas Draper
Thomas DraperActor
Is a great team member.
Marion Ducreux
Marion DucreuxActor
Fun facts about Marion:
• Smiles at all times
• Loves gluten and lactose free chocolate cake
• Has the smallest hands in the team
• Is an energy ball
Finally, she loves discovering new people and new experiences!
Sarah Fünke
Sarah FünkeMaster of None
Just a regular girl trying to make her dream come true: Becoming a Disney villain. If everything fails she’d settle with being a crazy pug lady.

Kinder sind kein Ersatz für Hunde.

Alexandra Granberg
Alexandra GranbergActor
3 depictions: insecure, non-quiet, strong-independent-white-woman.
3 likes: outdoors, recycling, documentaries.
3 sins: major procrastinator, self-centered moderate, irresponsible child.
3 principles: women are people, people have power, and power is fluctuating.
So let’s unite! Tomorrow. Right?
Devansh Gupta
Devansh GuptaKing of Multimedia
Devansh thinks of himself as a storyteller, but often fails to communicate his own ideas. Loves being dramatic, but runs away from conflicts. He likes to quietly observe the world and the people around him, but also wants to be centre of attention. Maybe, one day, he will reconcile these ironies. Or maybe he won’t!
Tulya Kavaklıoğlu
Tulya KavaklıoğluFounder, Board member, Marketer
Not as nearly equipped as most other human beings she knows, but she always aims high. Yeah! Gets easily distracted. Girls just wanna have fun.
Anssi Kemppainen
Anssi KemppainenBeginning Actor
Admires people who can express different emotions and fully jump in the role.
Looks forward to grow his skills as an actor.
Clara Maine
Clara MaineActor
Is a great team American who got lost in the cheese aisle of the grocery store and ended up here (but she likes it that way). Jack of all trades, master of none. Enjoys being an amateur artist, actor, photographer, filmmaker, writer, and harpist. Collector of useless skills and new experiences. Will talk about D&D with anyone at any time in any place..
Stefan Riegl
Stefan RieglActor
Putty-like science nerd who tries new things frequently to run faster than boredom. Classifies as adult, biologically. Always very serious about what he’s doing (see picture). “We don’t stop playing, because we grow old; We grow old, because we stop playing.”
Piyush Sharma
Piyush SharmaEngineer in Arts
Calculative, tolerant and perhaps empathetic. He loves Cricket, still dreams of playing at the highest level. He always needs music and makes sure that people around him listen to it too. He wants to do many things but he is good friends with laziness. A serene individual, he’s our perfect “Boy next door”.
Manuel Silva
Manuel SilvaSilent member
In the previous years, Manuel enjoyed being a jellyfish on stage and a creative mind at WE’s backstage team.
Puk Speckens
Puk SpeckensActor
Puk loves dissappearing sometimes into different worlds of fantasy by reading books, binging television series, listening to music or in this case by completely becoming someone else through acting and singing. She also transforms others through the art of make-up and hairstyling. For who doesn’t want to be someone else every now and again.
Céline Thomas
Céline ThomasActor
Loves loosing herself in books and being sad she can’t be friends with all the crazy characters… But theatre has given her a worthy supplement. She could use a well-known quote to describe herself, if only unicorns weren’t so mane-stream… At least her picture’s not on toilet paper. All hail the fandom!
Carmen Vazquez
Carmen VazquezActor
Paid problem solver and serious thinker, this travelling Spaniard enjoys easy solutions and silly thoughts in her free time. Her favourite hobby is getting out of her own head through books, friends, and more recently theatre!
Sofie Vriends
Sofie VriendsActor
With 9 years of acting experience, you could definitely say Sofie loves crawling into different skins and pretending to be someone she is not. When she is herself, she enjoys reading, crocheting, playing mmorpg and D&D, and netflix and chilling (literally). Also, she is (maybe not so) secretly a fox. X
Bianca Weiland
Bianca WeilandActor
Wild at heart and wild by hair. This Dutch girl loves coffee, cats, random facts and having a good time with friends. Living by the quote of the famous miss Pippi L. “I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.”
Jasmijn Wellner
Jasmijn WellnerActor, theatre maker
A lover of all things weird and wonderful. Always busy with acting, programming, writing stories and making music. She dreams of becoming a Queer icon. Jasmijn firmly believes that together we can make a kinder, brighter world.
Tjitse Wolf
Tjitse WolfEx-actor, Current co-director
A junky for both useless facts and music, Tjitse is keen to keep his creative development going. Has no idea where life is taking him, but finds means to express it in artsy-fartsy ways. Sums up life with the “‽” (Interrobang).
Daniela Zimmermann
Daniela ZimmermannActor
A third culture kid shuffling from one country to another. When asked ‘where from’ she precedes with a dialogue that she memorised better than the script of Mean Girls. Loves finding that human connection with someone no matter where they’re from. Performing on stage gives her the best adrenaline rush.