Season 2019-2020 Kicks Off

Ready for the season 2019-2020? WOW-EFFECT is starting to work on its new project “2040” and is inviting you to join the journey to the future. So fasten your seat belts and enjoy the trip. As every year, the season kicks off with a free acting workshop. This is also your ticket to becoming a member of WE, enjoying team-work with an international group of people and getting creative!

About 2040

Looking back at the past 20 years, we can easily see how fast life changes in relatively short periods of time. Smartphones and social media come at the forefront of how everyday communication went digital all the way. “No one’s on the streets. We moved it all online.” as British rock band Arctic Monkeys put it. Wi-fi is no longer a privilege but a necessity, and emojis are all we need for expressing what’s on our minds 😉 

As populist politics, destructive conflicts, global warming, and plastic pollution decorate our news, we also started predicting seizures with wearable technologies, arranging our diet according to our DNA, got one step closer to understanding the wonders of the universe with a picture of a black hole.

But now it’s time to look into the future! How do people dress, communicate, travel, what do they listen to or eat in 2040? Robots, AI, genetic advances, fashion, changes in identities (or what is norm), languages, wars… there is so much to discover! So something exciting will definitely be awaiting you on stage as well.

How we create

2040 is quite an experimental and collaborative production, with several writers and co-directors from our own members. Though, this is not our first time with such a process design! We developed our very first play Bedtime Stories based on improvisations within the team, and we created our well-received play Home Again by multiple writers and directors as well. 2040 once again offers our team the chance to find their own voice and style, while discovering the future. Check out our project page here to learn more.

Come join us

If you decide to join us, you can not only become an actor but also a writer or even a co-director. Depending on your talents and experience (and of course personal preference), we can help you find your place within the team, and offer support when necessary. For example, we plan to work with a supervisory director this year, coaching our amateur co-directors as well as overseeing the project’s creative direction. The most important things we look for are enthusiasm and commitment! WE offers a place to learn from pros and amateurs alike and provide a safe space for personal development. 

Almost everyone in the team is also involved in one of our departments: Décor and props, costumes, hair and makeup, technique, and marketing. See below some wonderful examples of our people’s previous work. Of course, this is all voluntary as well (but a hell lot of fun you wouldn’t want to miss out on). 

Hooked already? Perhaps wondering how to become a member? Join us in our annual workshop, with details as below.


Each year, we open our doors to all theatre enthusiasts with a workshop full of acting exercises, improvisations and team-building. Everything is in English and for free. This is also the first step of joining our community.

It’s gonna be fun, so come along! Although we do not want to leave anyone behind, we do have a capacity, so please register here before it’s too late!

Only interested in joining the backstage teams? You do not have to attend the acting workshop but do send us a line here. Thanks!

About WE

WE is a community of variety! Not only have we members from several different countries, cultural backgrounds and languages, but we also come in all ages, gender identities, studies or occupations, or what we consider food. There is, however, one thing that unites us: our love for theatre <3