Schedule change at the finals

As you all know by now WOW-EFFECT will be performing its second original play ‘Inbetween’ at the finals of the amateur theater festival ‘The Play of Nijmegen’. Previously, WOW-EFFECT would be the only group to perform on the last day of the finals. However, Karin Verwoert and Michiel Kruidenier had to withdraw from the festival due to personal requirements, so the festival organization moved Ilse Peeman’s performance to the last day as well. This means both the schedule for Saturday as well as for Sunday has changed.

This means if you are coming to the last day of the finals, you can see two different performances with the same ticket.

The program now reads as follows:

20 November
  • Theatergroep Het Linnen
  • Esther van der Wel
Entrance 20:00
21 November CANCELLED
22 November
  • Ilse Peeman
Entrance 14:00

After the last performance, at 17:00, there will be a break for 30min followed by the jury announcing the winner of ‘The Play of Nijmegen’. Afterwards all are invited to a borrel.

You can reserve tickets by sending an email to

Hope to see many of you there!



About Inbetween


<b>Shakespearean characters</b> who have blood on their hands will not be sent to Heaven when they die. But they also won’t be going to hell just yet. They will end up in a place, called <b>Inbetween.</b>
This place is the last station before Heaven or Hell. Each of Inbetweens inhabitants has to fulfill an honorable task to be able to go to Heaven. A task that really shows they are pure of heart, despite the things they have done while still alive. If they fail, Hell will be the final destination. However, if they prove to be suitable for Heaven, an eternal life in peace and happiness is waiting for them. There are not enough vacant spots left in Heaven for everyone though, so a battle against time, their inner demons and each other begins.