Did you know…

That five of the WOW-EFFECTers, Tabea, Ferdinand, Anissa, Phan and Xiaoji, are Actors Without Borders?

They live in Kleve, Germany and travel to Nijmegen each week for rehearsals and our social gatherings. They all are students at the Hochschule Rhein-Waal, a very international University of Applied Science, and this led our news to spread to Germany. Check the video below to hear about ‘Bedtime Stories’ from the campus radio show (in German) or read along for the English translation of the broadcast.

Female speaker:

The next event should probably be introduced by you, Lukas. You do speak Dutch, right? We are talking about the theater play “Bedtime Stories” by the theater group WOW-EFFECT.

Lukas (in Dutch):

Well, then I shall listen now!

They are Nijmegen’s international theater group. On the 30th and 31st of May they will perform their play at the Lindenberg in Nijmegen. The script was written by Tanya de Kruijff and it is directed by Ruud Mol. The actors come from nine different countries and the play will thus be in English. Some of the actors are also students at our university. Tickets can be found online at delindenberg.com.