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WOW-EFFECT Theater performs Inbetween

This year, the amateur theater group will perform their original play INBETWEEN in several Dutch cities, celebrating the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeares death.

After their tragic death, Romeo and Juliet wake up in Inbetween, together with five other shakespearian sinners. While they await their fate in this world of deception and manipulation, people’s love and trust is put to the test immensely. Old relationships threaten to wither while new relationships bloom in this Shakespearian fairytale.

Inbetween, written by Tanya de Kruijff and directed by Ruud Mol, premiered at the amateur theater festival “The Play of Nijmegen”, where it was voted into the finals by a jury of professional theater makers.

Fundraising for Refugees

WOW-EFFECT Theater is a young amateur theatre group with members from 10 different countries. This years projects try to raise funds for the Red Cross Nederland to help asylum seekers.

“The play grows into an artful construct in which the different characters meet each other. The quality of the play is exceptionally high and the encounters between the characters from the different plays are often very funny.” – Final review of the festival jury, Judith Bruynzeels (Speldocent & regisseur), Marianne Hermans (Theatermaker en theaterdocent), Rik Luijmes (Regisseur & acteur)



ZA 4 JUNI            20:00 Nijmegen, de Klif

ZO 5 JUNI            20:00 Arnhem, Het Hof

ZA 11 JUNI          20:00 Utrecht, Zimihc Theater Wittevrouwen

ZO 12 JUNI         20:30 Nijmegen, Theater de Lindenberg



Group: WOW-EFFECT Theater

Email: woweffecttheater@gmail.com

Website: www.woweffecttheater.eu

Facebook: www.facebook.com/woweffecttheater

Phone: 06-39451529 (Tanya de Kruijff)