Actress plays Jekyll and Hyde in WOW-EFFECT Theater production

On June 15th and 16th, Nijmegen’s international group WOW-EFFECT Theater returns to Lindenberg’s Steigerzaal, bringing to the stage the sci-fi classic The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, re-imagined in a new light.

The play begins with the brilliant scientist Dr Henry Jekyll trying to convince his best friends, Gabriel Utterson and Dr Hastie Lanyon, that their Victorian high-society life is boring. What Jekyll doesn’t tell them is that he has already created a chemical formula that will turn their lives upside down. With the formula he unleashes his inner, bestial-self: Edward Hyde. Freed from stifling moral chains, Hyde forms a close relationship with the prostitute Cybel, while Jekyll continues his normal life — until Hyde’s passions begin to turn up a body count.

This intimate version by Noah Smith tells the classic story with a new twist, and challenges the original theme of duality of human nature. Edward Hyde is harsh, but also oddly compassionate, blurring the line between ‘good’ and ‘evil’. In WOW-EFFECT Theater’s production, actress Alexandra Granberg plays both Jekyll and Hyde: the good, the evil, and perhaps many more sides to one man.


WOW-EFFECT is the international amateur theatre community of Nijmegen, with members from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. It aims to bring diverse individuals and organizations together to create and share experiences.



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