What will you do, when in a blink of an eye, your whole world has been shattered? Where will you hide, when love and happiness seem strange words of a distant past? With whom will you seek comfort and safety, when you are the only one left who understands you?

Bedtime Stories is a story about a family being torn apart and about their struggle with losses and loneliness. It’s about three people trying to cope with this in their very own way. But most of all it’s about Abby, the family’s child. One day she’s a princess on a flying carpet, traveling amongst the clouds, the next day she has to deal with a terrible loss and with finding her own place in the world, at an age way too young. She tries to seek comfort in the company of a close friend. But will this be enough to heal the scars of the past?

Bedtime Stories is an original play by Nijmegen’s international theater group WOW-EFFECT. The play was developed by the whole group by doing theme-based improvisations. The script was then written by Tanya de Kruijff and the play is directed by Ruud Mol. It stars WOW-EFFECT’s multinational cast from nine different countries and will be performed in English.

Performance dates: 30 & 31 May 2015


Sarah Fünke as ABBY |Piyush Sharma as STEVE | Ynske Aerts as MADELINE |Maria Kinast as ROBYN | Niccolò Mariani as CARL | Tabea Schüller-Ruhl as JASMINE | Annika Rausch as JANE | Anissa Naji as KIRSTEN | Ferdinand Niemann as IMMANUEL |Phan Ahn Pham as KAI | Tulya Kavaklıoğlu as DJ | Elena Nicoli as DOCTOR BENENATI | Xiaoji Song as LIN / SAI KO

Director Ruud Mol
Playwright Tanya de Kruijff