Our current project? Let’s find it out together!

Each year WOW-EFFECT opens its doors to everyone who’d like to try out theater for themselves, offering a free try-out time with workshops and acting lessons. Whoever stays will be part of the next performance the group plans. Everyone can audition for the parts in the group’s next play and everyone gets involved in its production as much as desired. What’s more? Everyone gets involved in selecting our next play!

Are you interested in being part of WOW-EFFECT? Just come join us in our upcoming workshop!

About WOW-EFFECT Theater

We are a community of theater lovers from all sorts of cultural backgrounds and walks of life. We love creative teamwork and we love diversity! We aim to offer a safe space for non-locals and locals alike to exchange perspectives, experiences and cultures while working on a theater production. Last but not least, we hope to be a platform where friendships flourish.

Does what you read excite you? You are welcome to join the community!