Become a member of WOW-EFFECT Theater!

Awesome that you would like to become a member!

Your membership, interest and involvement makes it possible for us to continue make amateur theater full of passion and emotion for our audience (and ourselves) in Nijmegen! Thank you! (:

As a member, you will also be able to participate in our new project, enjoy our company and learn all the tools of making theater during the next couple of months. And you’ll probably earn a few friends along the way as well!

About your membership

Please read the statuten/regulation before becoming a member. These are the rules that govern all of WOW-EFFECT Theater, so knowing them is crucial!

Our monthly contribution is €10. You can pay this amount every month, per quarter or per year.

We aim to perform a full-length (1.5 – 2 hours) play on June 16 & 17 on the Steigerzaal in de Lindenberg in Nijmegen.

We rehearse Thursdays between 8.30 and 10.30 at the same place where we held the workshop. We will be rehearsing for a total of 32 Thursdays until the performance and will be adding 2-3 weekend rehearsals (one whole day in the weekend) and one “theater camp weekend” (2 days in a weekend) before that. We will choose the dates together.

These dates and the amount of rehearsal might change before the end of the year. Currently, WE is applying for sponsorship from Lindenberg Theater, which will be decided on in November, and which might change the amount of rehearsal.

If that seems too much for you of a time investment, we can always find a way to accommodate you.

You can also become a member without acting on stage. We call this a “production member”, who could help us out with decor, costumes, light or something else. Let’s talk about what you want!

Sadly, it’s not possible to become a member for the season 2017/2018 anymore. But if you’d like to help out as a volunteer, please send us a message!