inbetweenThe preliminary rounds of ‘The Play of Nijmegen’ brought good news to five amateur theater groups / actors. Selected by the jury, consisting of Marianne Hermans, Rik Luijmes and Pieter van Terheijden, the groups will present their 45 minute piece in the finals of the festival.

WOW-EFFECT is one of these five groups and is honored to present their original piece Inbetween in front of a full audience during the finals.

Used by permission from Marianne Hermans.

Marianne Hermans

As a preparation for this event, each group is coached by one of the jury members. WOW-EFFECT will be supervised by the dramatist, actrice, director and theater teacher Marianne Hermans. Two rehearsals will be conducted with the coach present for the group to receive feedback from Hermans. This enables the group to not only to improve their acting skills but it also provides the director Ruud Mol to gain perspectives of a professional.

Once the last contestant, WE, performs on 22 November, the jury members will come to a decision for the winner of the title ‘The Play of Nijmegen’. So if you would like to hear about the results, make sure to stay in the venue and witness the moments of pure excitement.


The Finals

‘The Play of Nijmegen’ is a local theater festival organized by Stichting Kunst & Cultuurplein De Verspiegeling for amateur theater groups. During the finals on the 20 – 22 November, five amateur theater groups from Nijmegen will perform their 45-minute pieces. WOW-EFFECT will perform on the last day at 2.30 p.m.


Tickets can be reserved by sending an email to

Inbetween – Plot

Shakespearean characters who have blood on their hands will not be sent to heaven when they die. But they also won’t be going to hell just yet. They will end up in a place, called Inbetween. This place is the last station before Heaven or Hell. Each of Inbetween inhabitants has to fulfill an honorable task to be able to get to Heaven, a task that really shows they are pure of heart, despite the things they have done while still alive. If they fail, Hell will be the final destination. However, if they prove to be to be suitable to Heaven, an eternal life in peace is waiting for them. There are not enough available spots left in Heaven for everyone though… The Angel of Death will decide who deserves to go to Heaven and who will end up in Hell for eternity.