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This year is different

It is no surprise that COVID-19 affected how we keep our community alive, in every sense of the word. Soon we will finalize our ongoing project Virus Crossed and release a stage recording on our YouTube channel. With that, we are looking forward to revisiting one of our 2040 plays, Human.V.oid!

Normally, we would begin each season with a free acting workshop, and get to know our members even before they officially join us. This year is going to look a little different. We will hold formal (well, not that formal ^_^) auditions to spend a bit of time together, give you a taster of the project itself, and try to see which role may be the best fit for you. Naturally, we will also conduct the rehearsals afterwards by giving the utmost importance to our team’s safety, and we will likely make a stage recording again, instead of a live performance.

About Human.V.oid

Human.V.oid takes place mostly in a court setting. A patient was lost, while under the care of a (human) doctor and a humanoid assistant. The court tries to determine whether the humanoid made an error, can be hold responsible, and should eventually be destroyed. Meanwhile activists from two opposing groups, ‘Humans for Humanoids’ and ‘Rage Against the Machine’, arrange protests out of the court. Two friends supporting the opposing groups exchange their views, while a corporate scheme regarding these events is unveiled to the audience.

Sign up for the audition

How? Easy. Just fill out the form below.

Here is also what you can expect: First of all, 3 friendly faces 🙂 You will meet our director Sylvia Hoppenbrouwers, as well as our producers and board members Tulya and Céline. Currently we plan the auditions for 10 and 17 December, with different sessions between 20:30 and 22:30, in central Nijmegen. Because it is difficult to predict how regulations will be in advance, we will simply keep in touch and give you an update early December. We will probably ask you to prepare a short part and we will read a part from the script together as well. That’s it! Easy as pie. We hope you are as excited as we are.

Questions? Send them here.

decor building

Are you a backstage hero?

We owe a lot to our creative people passionately working in one of our backstage departments (costumes, hair & makeup, decor & props, technique, multimedia, and marketing) to bring the magic on stage. Almost everyone in our team (some actors, some not) contributes to the backstage work. Would you like to get creative in one or more of our departments? You can also sign up via the form below and can simply note that you are (only) interested in backstage activities.

Please note that we actually closed the registrations on 2 December. If you land on this page at a later point, you can still show your interest by filling in the form. If we have any openings, we will get back to you. Thank you! 🙂