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A movie about humanity and machine paranoia

Originally written as part of our 2040 production, Human.V.oid is a courtroom drama, which is now brought to you in movie form. In 50 minutes, Human.V.oid questions the place of robots (or AI / machines) in our society by 2040, and what it takes to be ‘human’.

Online Release

Did you miss the screening events of Human.V.oid? Good news: We released the movie online on 28 August 2022, and you are able to watch it from the comfort of your home.

Screening Events

If you met us in one of our free public events, you were not only the first to see the movie and engage with our cast and crew, but also got the chance to take part in our after movie discussions moderated by our guest researcher from Radboud University.

These 2 public screenings took place in Nijmegen and Apeldoorn, were free of charge, and had the below agenda:

  • Human.V.oid movie screening (~1 hour)
  • After movie discussion session with Marieke Wieringa (RU researcher) and Cozmo (the robot) (~30min)
  • Further Q&A and drinks with some of the cast and crew of Human.V.oid (~30min)


3 April 2022, 17:30

St. Hubertusstraat 10
6531 LB, Nijmegen

(this event has ended)

Second Secreening

10 April 2022, 14:00

Nieuwstraat 377
7311 BR, Apeldoorn

(this event has ended)

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About Human.V.oid

It’s the year 2040. A patient has died under the care of a (human) doctor and a medical humanoid assistant. In court, a jury tries to determine whether this loss was due to a machine, or a human error. Meanwhile, protestors gather outside the court, and two siblings from the opposing sides challenge each other.


After Movie with Marieke and Cozmo (the robot)

After watching Human.V.oid, an open discussion about some of the key topics of the movie awaits our audience. Radboud University researcher Marieke Wieringa will be moderating this session. “My research focuses on communication between humans and social robots. Here I focus on the way in which we are influenced by robots that simulate human emotions.” Marieke is not only going to bring a critical perspective and expert knowledge about AI, humanoids, and robot-human interactions to the discussion, but she is also going to bring Cozmo the robot with her for our audience to interact with!

Marieke and Cozmo

The Crew

Director Sylvia Hoppenbrouwers
Writers Alexandra Granberg, Piyush Sharma
Producer Tulya Kavaklioglu
Executive Producers Tulya Kavaklioglu, Céline Thomas
Unit Production Manager Coco Clements
Director of Photography & Video Editor Devansh Gupta
Assistant Camera Coco Clements
Assistant Video Editors Alexandra Granberg, Suchika Maharshi, Coco Clements
Sound Crew Daniel Buijze, Elitsa Bahovska, Coco Clements
Sound Design Daniel Buijze, Devansh Gupta, Coco Clements
Supervising Script Editors Esther O’toole, Coco Clements
Set and Art Design Coco Clements
Costume, Hair and Makeup Design Cora Greif, Tulya Kavaklioglu
Marketing Tulya Kavaklioglu, Devansh Gupta
Subtitles Coco Clements

The Cast

Cora Greif
Cora Greif
As Jameela
Steven Morgan
Steven Morgan
As Sello
Hannah Faehndrich
Hannah Faehndrich
As Francesca Eve
Piyush Sharma
Piyush Sharma
As Mo Adam
Faris Al-kadi
Faris Al-kadi
As Saldutti
Tugba Oksuz
Tugba Oksuz
As Judge
Céline Thomas
Céline Thomas
As Cosmo Ambrosia
Tulya Kavaklioglu
Tulya Kavaklioglu
As Infinity
Devansh Gupta
Devansh Gupta
As Patient

Voice actors:

Devansh Gupta and Coco Clements as Reporters

Sylvia Hoppenbrouwers as Security Guard

Sponsored by:

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Special thanks to:

radboud university logo

Also thanks to the original cast and crew of Human.V.oid as part of the “2040” production, who were not given the chance to complete the project due to restrictions against the spread of coronavirus disease.

PRODUCERS Tulya Kavaklioglu, Céline Thomas. DIRECTOR Puk Speckens. CO-DIRECTORS Carmen Vazquez, Tjitse Wolf. PLAYWRIGHTS Alexandra Granberg, Piyush Sharma. SCRIPT EDITORS Alexandra Granberg, Coco Clements. SUPERVISORY DIRECTOR AND EDITOR Esther O’toole. DÉCOR AND PROPS Céline Thomas, Coco Clements, Anssi Kemppainen, Carmen Vazquez, Clara Maine, Marion Ducreux, Sofie Vriends. COSTUMES Puk Speckens, Carmen Vazquez, Piyush Sharma. HAIR AND MAKEUP Puk Speckens, Bianca Weiland, Melissa Craggs. TECHNIQUE Tulya Kavaklioglu, Anssi Kemppainen, Piyush Sharma. MULTIMEDIA Devansh Gupta, Clara Maine, Piyush Sharma, Coco Clements, Céline Thomas, Alexandra Granberg, Stefan Riegl. STAGE MANAGER Jasmijn Wellner. MARKETING Tulya Kavaklioglu, Piyush Sharma, Céline Thomas.

INFINITY Clara Maine. COSMO AMBROSIA Tulya Kavaklioglu. MO ADAM Piyush Sharma. SALDUTTI Thomas Draper. JAMEELA Sofie Vriends. SELLO Carmen Vazquez. FRANCESCA EVE Sarah Fünke. JUDGE Anssi Kemppainen. ACTIVISTS Céline Thomas, Melissa Craggs, Bianca Weiland. OTHERS Marion Ducreux, Daniela Zimmermann, Alex Terziev.