Wow-Effect started its journey on April 1, 2014. And no, it’s not a joke!

Everything began in a cold, dark room, with an idea by Tulya Kavaklioglu, the founder of WOW-EFFECT. She posted a call for auditions around Nijmegen, expecting lots of people to show up.
But only a few did. It was not a surprise that they were not impressed by her cold, dark room requiring WE to find a new home for its meetings . So people left…

The initial spark

Except one very special girl: Tanya de Kruijff, WE’s very own playwright.
Tulya and Tanya found strength from each other’s presence, which led to the creation of the first real project of WE, an original play called ‘Bedtime Stories‘. Two was still a small number though, considering what the two had in mind. So they decided to try out once more, and hoped that two or three other people will join their little group, who will help make their dreams come true.
Instead, many theater enthusiasts came to their workshop and joined the family of Wow-Effect. Each and every one of these new members had a talent of their own. They were from over 10 different countries, speaking 14 different languages, bringing not only a lot of fresh ideas, but also fresh approaches to writing, playing and preparing the play. Some of them were impatient to shine on stage while the others took this opportunity as a challenge to step out of their comfort zones. By the magic these people brought, WOW-EFFECT became something much more than a theater group – it became a colorful community built on friendship.

A long way, but it worked out fine!

Nowadays, WE has 18 members who are all involved in making their first play a reality. The word is out, they are performing at De Lindenberg’s Steigerzaal, one of the nicest stages in Nijmegen. Everyone is working hard and doing their best!

Do you want to be part of this experience? You can order tickets to WE’s first play here and here!

This community surely affected the experiences of its members this year. And it is looking forward to welcome its new members for the next season in September.

Happy Birthday WE!
We are looking forward to another year with you.