After a few months of preparation, our writing staff finally finished Act I and Act II of our original play Bedtime Stories.Reahearsing Act I and Act II

In the last few weeks we have already been busy with trying out new scenes and on this week’s meeting, we will rehearse scene we have practised beforehand. This will be the first step for us to find out who could play which part and will also help each actor to develop a feeling for the characters, before we will be holding our internal auditions in February.

Planning and writing this script has been a lot of fun and seeing vague ideas getting turned into realistic, identifiable characters is an amazing feeling. Our lead writer, Tanya , has done a great job with writing very emotional scenes and we are all very excited to help polish them for the final version of the script.

About the play

Bedtime Stories is a story taking place at the thin border between love and hate, despair and hope, the bitterness of reality and the sweetness of imagination.

It is a world where only a few might find the strength to see the light at the end of this thin line. A world of joy and pain magically fit into a single location: the bedroom. Most intimate confessions pour like rain here. It is the place where we feel most vulnerable, yet it provides us safety and comfort. This is indeed the correct place to shut out the cruelty of the outside world. But can the brutal reality be completely denied? Is it possible to confront your greatest fears and to step out of this world? Or has the way out been obstructed for eternity?

BEDTIME STORIES is the first play by WOW-EFFECT – a complete new, original script with three Acts. It was developed with all members of WOW-EFFECT within four months of improvisation, writing and rehearsals.