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“The options we had were to escape and come here, or to die.”


2016-05-28 Home Again - 101 Meltdown
The words were echoed by many asylum seekers.
A refugee’s journey starts off with an extremely tough decision that they need to make: whether or not to leave behind everything that is familiar to them and to start over. With sketches based on the diverse stories, we intend on ripping off the  label “refugee”. We want to shed light on the lesser known side of the story, the refugee’s side.

2016-05-28 Home Again - 080 Monologue

Home Again is a compilation of many contemporary sketches on refugees’ journeys and their integration within our society. Each sketch shows different characters and a different part of their journey.

  • A young husband is torn apart by the decision of leaving behind his wife and to secure their future in a safer place, or to stay behind with her and the fear of death.
  • A refugee must strike a deal and exchange his hard earned money and trust to a person claiming he can transport people to a safer place.
  • Their time spent on a small inflatable raft drifting across an infinite mass of water.
  • They must face the negativity of the opportunist politician and media against their request for a safer life.

2016-05-28 Home Again - 119 Ana Uhebukee

These sketches were written by WOW-EFFECT Theater itself, after interviews with many asylum seekers and volunteers. The scenes were developed through a combination of theatre exercises and improvisations.

Being a theatre group with many international participants and part of different cultures, we felt this would be a good opportunity to let go of labels and accept people for who they are. With Home Again, we aim to start a dialogue.

Join us in breaking the barriers! In removing labels! Be part of a change! Reserve your tickets now!

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