Character Wackyparse Stefan Riegl

We interviewed the cast of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. What we didn’t tell our interviewees, was what kind of questions we would ask them. So here is a perfectly correct representation of Stefan. Enjoy!

1. Did your parents plan to have you?

Planned! If it was a girl, they would have named her Stefanie.

2. Which time would you go to for a visit?

Ancient Rome because I want to see what is true and what is made up. Or 200 years into the future.

3. Name 3 vegetables that will be the only vegetables you ever get to eat again.

Tomato (can do a lot with it), sweet potato (’cause they are awesome), and pumpkin.

4. If you have Facebook, what was your first status update?

No Facebook. Because Facebook can’t responsibly handle my data. I can stay in touch with people I want without it.

5. What did you want to become when you were a kid?

When I was small, I wanted to be an inventor. I thought Gyro Gearloose from Duckburg was cool. Or somebody coming up with great, big ideas like Einstein. Plan B was “Egypt researcher”. I was fascinated by the pyramids, the hieroglyphs and the mythology.

6. September 18th is International Talk like a Pirate Day. How will you participate?

I’ll practice my pirate accent, wear the pirate hat and eye-patch. Saw a leg off and get a hook. Drink rum!

7. How many colours of the rainbow can you actually make out?

I thought 7. There are infinite colours. My vocabulary for them is limited.

8. What is your favorite Dutch word?

Klokhuis – the thing that is left over when you eat an apple, afspraak – first dutch word I could apply in use, or constitutieborrel.

9. If you had to sacrifice one of your fingers, which one would it be?

Pinky of the right hand. As I am right-handed, its impractical, but I like my left pinkie. All other fingers will break a pattern.

10. What would your power be if you were a superhero? Why?

Freezing time. A lot of stuff could be done, if we had more time. Like, we could stop climate change, stop Trump from being president, or simply party on.

11. No movies and TV vs. no music in your life anymore?

I like the story-telling from TV and movies but I could read books instead. I cannot replace music though. Music is important.

and finally…

12. Are you a black horse or a white horse?

White Horse! It’s more than the colour. If it’s good vs. bad, I don’t have what it takes to be a bad guy.

Written by Piyush Sharma.

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