Character Wackyparse Puk Speckens

We interviewed the cast of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. What we didn’t tell our interviewees, was what kind of questions we would ask them. So here is a perfectly correct representation of Puk. Enjoy!

1. If you were a plant, what would you be?

Fresh mint. I love fresh mint. And… I’m fresh and I’m minty? Could also be a cactus, cause I’m easy to handle, but if you over-handle me, I can become prickly.

2. Who would you most likely drunk dial?

I’d mostly likely text, as I don’t always feel comfortable with phone calls. With some Tequila, I may reach out to my friend Vera and say, “why are you not here” and send pictures of whatever weirdness I’m busy with. Vodka combo with a lot of beer may lead to a text to my friend Els, perhaps to bitch about some stupid guy.

3. In a fight, would you choose to have 10 000 rats or 50 eagles on your side? (The one you don’t choose will be against you.)

50 eagles definitely. They’d eat the rats, or pick me up and fly. Would be extra awesome if they are super big, Lord of the Rings style.

4. Describe WE in 3 words.

Open. Crazy. Accepting.

5. What makes you unique?

I am not afraid of being weird! I was quite insecure when I was young. At some point I heard that some friends didn’t want me nearby as I was a ‘loud and strange’ girl. But I learned to accept myself, and be loud, be obnoxious… I love it when other people are weird and strange as well.

6. Did your parents plan to have you?

My brother was created before our parents were married. Then, I came. Apparently, my mum had a miscarriage half a year before having me. So, I guess they were indeed hoping to have a baby. And if there was no miscarriage, maybe I wouldn’t be here.

7. If you were a super hero, what would be your power?

I’ll have one telekinetic power please. Yes, I’m lazy. So I’d be ordering objects around all the time. Like Matilda, or like Prue from Charmed.

8. What’s your final meal before your death penalty?

I think Indian ‘lamb rogan josh’ – I failed to recreate it in my trial. Or Thai ‘thom kha kai’ soup, which is soooo delicious. It’s basically coconut soury loveliness.

9. You get to lead the world for a day, what’s the first thing you do?

I’m not sure its good to give me too much power. Maybe I’d get greedy. But all right, I legalize gay marriage everywhere.

10. Which century would you go to for a visit? And to live in? 

Ohhh there are so may good ones. I was born in a wrong time. I’d visit the 1920s for the music, I love the jazz age. Elizabethan era London could also be nice to observe because of the history and political games.

11. Which Disney villain would you be?

I love the songs from the sea hag from the Little Mermaid, so she could be it. Alfred Frolo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame also has some really good songs. When I have children, I’ll make them watch all these classics.

12. Do you crumple or fold your toilet paper?

I wrap it around my hand and then crumple it.

and finally…

13. Are you a black horse or a white horse?

I’m a black horse. Cause I love the color. You probably haven’t seen me in something else than black. I also think I have a bit of darkness in me – I like darker music, films or series. I’m generally a happy person though!

Written by Tulya Kavaklioglu.

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