Character Wackyparse  Piyush Sharma 

We interviewed the cast of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. What we didn’t tell our interviewees, was what kind of questions we would ask them. So here is a perfectly correct representation of Piyush. Enjoy!

1. Which Disney hero character would you be?

Aladdin. He has Jasmine and a flying carpet. That’s cool.

2. And Disney villain?

Shere Khan. He’s a pain in the ass and never gives up.

3. How would you describe how water looks to someone who’s always been blind?

(thinks hard) Water in the open feels like a stretched spring. When contained it is like blood in the body.

4. What did you want to become when you were a kid?

A cricketer [cricket player]. The game was my first love.

5. If you got to choose one public holiday to be banished everywhere, which would go?

None in the Netherlands. There are only very few. I would add more.

6. How would you describe Dutch food?

Bland, as flat as the country. Tasteless, they don’t know about food. (Interviewer remarks: “that’s a harsh statement”). Yes.

7. What’s your final meal before your death penalty?

Indian for sure. A proper meal! Some tomato soup, Paneer cauliflower starters, some cashew-nut Curry with Roti, Baingan ka bharta (with aubergine), Biryani (rice) and a lot of dessert, like Gulaab-jamun or Kaju katli.

8. How do you prepare for a zombie apocalypse?

By becoming one. My gaming name is Zombie.

9. What’s a movie you liked as a child and still (would) watch?

Swades (English: Our Country). It’s a Bollywood movie and I really recommend it. English subtitles should be available.

10. No movies and TV vs. no music in your life anymore?

I would keep movie and TV, because Indian movies and TV have a lot of music anyways. But if they didn’t, I would go for music.

      and finally…

11. Are you a black horse or a white horse?

A white horse, with some black spots. If I had to decide: black. I haven’t seen any other color that is more elegant than black. White might be pure, but black is more pure.




Written by Stefan Riegl. 

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