After months of preparation and rehearsals, we are finally in the most thrilling phase of production: The Casting.

But because of our creative approach to this production, our auditions are a little different than what you would expect from your typical “Will they make it on Broadway?”-movie. Instead of standing in front of the casting directors, doing a monologue and then awaiting the call, our actors got to work on the script, play a few different roles, got feedback on their play and are1658242_10200372149583501_188066021029855832_o now encouraged to choose the parts they feel the most strongly for.

Over the course of this last weekend, every actor was asked to send in their three top choices of characters they would like to play. Our team of producers, writers and the director will then choose which one they like best in which role.

Within the three act play, there are four big parts with over ten different scenes to play, while there are ten other, smaller parts. The casting will be announced within the week.


Bedtime Stories is a story taking place at the thin border between love and hate, despair and hope, the bitterness of reality and the sweetness of imagination.

It is a world where only a few might find the strength to see the light at the end of this thin line. A world of joy and pain magically fit into a single location: the bedroom. Most intimate confessions pour like rain here. It is the place where we feel most vulnerable, yet it provides us safety and comfort. This is indeed the correct place to shut out the cruelty of the outside world. But can the brutal reality be completely denied? Is it possible to confront your greatest fears and to step out of this world? Or has the way out been obstructed for eternity?