Actors Wanted – 2024 Production

LOL cry rehearsal

For our current production, we are immediately looking for 3-4 actors. Here is all you need to know about this opportunity.

The play

Hotel Tranquille is the third and last play in our futuristic trilogy 2040, following Human.V.oid and Full Consent. Not surprisingly, this play takes place in a hotel, where the guests and staff have to go into a lockdown mode because of a suspected virus attack… Targeting their brain chips! With irl characters, their avatars in the virtual world, the hotel’s AI supervisor PAL, and plenty of chaos, Hotel Tranquille is a colorful play that addresses the impact of technology in our daily lives in a fun way.

Rehearsals and performances

If you want to take part, you need to be committed to the project, be present at the rehearsals, and naturally, at the performances.

Rehearsals are every Thursday 20:30-22:30 in Burghardt community center (wijkcentrum) in Nijmegen. They continue until the performances. Our director Pompado leads our rehearsals.

We have two performances planned for this production int he same weekend. 15 & 16 June 2024, we will perform Hotel Tranquille in De Lindenberg Steigerzaal.

Available roles

With a team around 15 people, we have already been working on the play in the last months and we had our casting. Unfortunately, 3 actors had to stop due to personal / health situations, so we not need fresh blood. One person had two roles, so we can have 3 or 4 replacements. We tend to keep the ages and genders of the roles as they are, but actors playing them can be of any age or gender.

  • ANNA-AVATAR: Anna is part of the hotel staff. She is often careless, rebellious, and self centered. She easily manipulates another staff member, Felix, who has a crush on her, to complete her tasks. Her avatar looks like a wolf.
  • STELLA-AVATAR: Stella is a teen who is staying in the hotel with her two friends/frenemies Marc and Adrien. The three are ethical hackers and their plan to go a hackers competition event gets disrupted by the lockdown. Stella is a bit of a control freak, obsessing about her schedules or beating Adrien in the virtual games they play. Her avatar looks like a beautiful queen.
  • ADRIEN-AVATAR: Adrien is a teen who is staying in the hotel with his two friends/frenemies Marc and Stella. The three are ethical hackers and their plan to go a hackers competition event gets disrupted by the lockdown. Adrien is often “chill”, except when he and Stella get caught up in senseless fights, which is most of the time. His avatar looks like a gargoyle king.
  • ROHIT-AVATAR: Rohit was a 70 year old man who passed away. Now, his avatar exists as his 30 year old self only in the virtual world. Him and his wife Justiine are in the hotel to celebrate their anniversary, but they get separated when the lockdown requires turning the connection to the virtual world off. Rohit is a sweet and childish man, who likes to put a smile on Justiine’s face.

Come to try outs

We invite anyone interested in trying out for these roles to our next two rehearsals on 7 March and 14 March (as stated above, at 20:30 in Burghardt community center). We will keep on rehearsing scenes from our play and we will ask you to jump in and play along. By the end of the rehearsal on 14 March, we also would like to agree on your participation.

Being a WOW-EFFECT member

We are the international amateur theater community of Nijmegen. We are also an association (vereniging) so we are democratic by nature and we are governed by our board. To join the team, you become and official member by filling in a form about your personal details. You also pay a €10/month membership fee, normally with an obligation to pay for the full year. Because you would join half way into the season, we would also adjust this obligation. You can read all about our regulations here.

We look forward to meeting you!

Any questions? Email us at