Welcome to the website of the international amateur theatre community of Nijmegen!

We are a group with great variety in terms of our cultural backgrounds, occupations, ages, gender identities and languages. There is at least one thing that unites us though: a passion for theatre!

Hotel Tranquille Facebook event cover

New Production: Hotel Tranquille

Originally written as part of our 2040 production, Hotel Tranquille is a futuristic dramedy about being human and the impact of technology. It is a fun play with irl characters, their avatars in the virtual world, and plenty of chaos.

Human.V.oid Post Final

Released Online: Human.V.oid

Originally written as part of our 2040 production, Human.V.oid was brought to you in movie form in Nijmegen and Apeldoorn, and is fully released on YouTube.

virus crossed cover

Fully Released: Virus Crossed

The recent global pandemic affected everyone’s lives, including ours. During the time of self-isolation, we have written and practiced a variety of monologues based on these real-life events, and we are sharing them with you as filmed performances!

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To be able to offer our members and the outside world more, we depend on donations and like-minded individuals to enable us financially. If you’d like to be one of our benefactors, check our donations page below. Many thanks in advance!