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Meet the Team

Meet the team of WOW-EFFECT Theater – a group of international theater fans with different levels of experience.
On this page we will introduce you to our team for the season 2018-2019. We hope to see all of them again in the next season!

We have vastly different backgrounds and experience levels when it comes to acting, writing, directing and production, but each member contributes something vital. We all work on our projects as a team and we all are way more than just theater colleagues – we are dear friends to each other.

Melissa Craggs
Melissa CraggsActor, Australian Bibliophile, Extreme sports enthusiast, Documentary watcher, World wanderer, Nature lover, Nerd.
Melissa spends her days with her head in the clouds and her nose in the news. She loves to explore all aspects of the world and life, from science, to the mystical and all things in between. Acting is another form her exploration takes- exploration of humanity and emotions.
Sarah Fünke
Sarah FünkeMaster of None
Just a regular girl trying to make her dream come true: Becoming a disney villain. If everything fails she’d settle with being a crazy pug lady.

Kinder sind kein Ersatz für Hunde.

Tulya Kavaklıoğlu
Tulya KavaklıoğluFounder, Board member, Marketer
Not as nearly equipped as most other human beings she knows but she always aims high. Yeah! Gets easily distracted. Girls just wanna have fun.
Tanya de Kruijff
Tanya de KruijffPlaywright, Director, Actor, Singer, Dreamer
Lives most days as Snow White, singing to her pets all day. But once in a while she climbs on stage and her fairytaleworld becomes real for a moment. And as real as the stage may be, those are the days when she feels most enchanted. This year however, she rules this fairytale world from the director’s chair and is guiding the others to shine.
Alexandru Romanescu
Alexandru RomanescuSilent Member, Semiconductors Engineer, Alchemist, Part-time Traveler
In his free time he dreams on jazz during the day and on rock during the night.
Piyush Sharma
Piyush SharmaEngineer in Arts
Calculative, tolerant and perhaps empathetic. He loves Cricket, still dreams of playing at the highest level. He always needs music and makes sure that people around him listen to it too. He wants to do many things but he is good friends with laziness. A serene individual, he’s our perfect “Boy next door”.
Céline Thomas
Céline ThomasActor
Christian Utzerath
Christian UtzerathSilent member, Actor
Veggies es bonus vobis, proinde vos postulo essum magis kohlrabi.
Manuel Ventura
Manuel VenturaSilent member
In the previous years, Manuel enjoyed being a jellyfish on stage and a creative mind at WE’s backstage team.
Haoyu Yang (Iris)
Haoyu Yang (Iris)Silent member
As a wonderfully skilled actor and a dedicated member of the Board, Haoyu contributed much to the community.
Tjitse Wolf
Tjitse WolfActor
A dedicated member of the WOW-EFFECT them, Tjitse is always hungry to experiment with new roles in the community. He is also capable of filling WE’s cheesy jokes quota on his own! 😉
Ying Zhao (Winnie)
Ying Zhao (Winnie)Actor
Relatively new to acting, Ying enjoys learning new skills in WE’s projects and pretty much rocks them!