WOW-EFFECT Theater Association Regulations

Name and Seat

Article 1

The associations’s name is “WOW-EFFECT Theater”,abbreviated as WE and stationed in Nijmegen, Gelderland, the Netherlands.


Article 2

  1. The association’s aim is the practice of non-professional theater in the broadest sense, the dramatic expression and skills involved with producing a theatrical production.
    1. Furthermore, the association aims to connect non-Dutch people of Nijmegen and surroundings with each other and Dutch people.
  2. The guild tries to accomplish this goal by
    1. Creating opportunities of practicing theater on an amateur level;
    2. The staging of plays;
    3. Promoting the participation of its members in these projects;
    4. Offering a safe space for non-locals and locals to connect.


Article 3

  1. The association consists of members that can be active or inactive in the weekly activities that lead to a new stage play.
  2. The board shall keep a register containing the names and addresses of the members.
  3. Members are required to
    1. Adhere to the regulations
    2. Pay the contribution, the amount of which is determined by the General Assembly
  4. Membership is possible in three ways:
    1. Actor: Only part of the production on stage
    2. Production member: Involved in the production and behind the scenes
    3. Silent member: Not involved in the current project
  5. A mix of responsibilities is possible between being an actor and a production member
  6. Members receive benefits:
    1. Buy or reserve tickets with priority (and therefore benefit from early discounts if applicable)
    2. Silent members may reserve up to 3 free seats per performance
    3. Free promotional items (i.e. stickers, buttons)
    4. Free marketing material at the end of a production (take home posters, flyers, programs, …)

Admission and Contribution

Article 4

  1. To become a member of the association one should contact the association via one possible channel (website, Facebook, …). The association will contact interested parties as soon as possible.
  2. Before becoming a member, interested parties have to fill in a form that states their name and address. This information will be kept on file during the individual’s membership.

Article 5

  1. The theater season starts in September and runs until August.
  2. Everyone who is a member of the group at the first of 1st September has to pay contribution for the whole season (until 31st of August).
  3. Someone who joins the group after the 1st of September pays from their date of joining until 31st of August.
  4. It is possible to stop paying contribution between February 1st and August 31st if the member leaves the group before February 1st.
  5. If voted on by the board, the duration of the obligation to pay contribution can be shortened for individuals.
  6. Contribution starts at €10 per month. Members can choose to pay more to support WOW-EFFECT Theater.
  7. The payable amount is the same for all members, no matter their function or involvement.
  8. If voted on by the board during a meeting, this contribution can be a smaller amount.
  9. Payment is handled via automatic incasso (the contribution will be subtracted from your account automatically each month).
  10. Contribution is due in full per year. Payment in instalments is possible.
  11. Should a member not pay on time, biweekly reminder will be issues. These come with a flat fine of 1€ per reminder.
  12. Should the member not pay a contribution after two months of being in debt to WOW-EFFECT Theater, WE will hand their case to an incasso service and the member will have to pay the costs of this action.

Cancelling the Membership

Article 6

  1. The membership ends
    1. By termination by the member;
    2. By expulsion by the Board for non-payment;
    3. By cancellation by the General Assembly;
  2. Termination of the membership by the members should be at least one month before the actual termination of the membership. The termination has to be done in writing and be handed to the board.
  3. Cancellation by General Assembly is proposed by the Board. It can be pronounced when a member acts contrary to the regulations, rules set up by the producer/director regarding the current production or harms the association unreasonably.
  4. The decision of cancellation by the General Assembly will be active by a majority of two/third of valid votes and after the person concerned has failed to defend themselves.

The Board

Article 7

  1. The board consists of minimum three people who appoint a President, Secretary and Treasurer from among themselves.
  2. The board is appointed by the General Assembly.
  3. To replace a member of the board before the season is over a vote of two/thirds is necessary by the General Assembly.
  4. All members of the board are entitled to resign, provided that this is done in writing, ideally with a notice period of two months.

Board Tasks

Article 8

  1. The board is charged with managing the association.
  2. The board represents the association in and out of court.
  3. The board can be represented by a designated representative.

General Assembly

Article 9

  1. Within two months after the end of the season Annual Meeting will take place.
  2. During this meeting the board must present the annual report, including the financial management and status of the association.
  3. If the members wish, a committee of members not on the board will review the annual report.
  4. A second form of General Assembly (hereafter: weekly assembly) takes place if needed. This weekly assembly includes all members that are part of the current production, but needs a minimum of two/thirds of all members involved in the current production. Matters the board needs voting on may be discussed during these meetings.
  5. Members can request a General Assembly outside of the normal rehearsal schedule. In such a case the board has to organize such a meeting within three weeks.


Article 10

  1. Disputes regarding the interpretation or application of the regulations and internal rules are decided by the Board.

Changing of the Regulations

Article 11

  1. Changed in these articles may be applied only when the decision to do so was passed with a vote of two/thirds during a General Assembly.
  2. In case the regulations get changed each member will be individually notified of this change.

Dissolving the association

Article 12

  1. The association may be dissolved by the General Assembly. A full member vote is necessary.
  2. Upon dissolution the funds (all already liquid and liquefied assets of WE) of the association will be donated towards a cause voted on by the General Assembly.
  3. If the association carries any debts these debts will be shared by the remaining members and filled before dissolving the association.